Be a river, be torrent, be the rhythm it flows to.
If Art is God, know that he lives in all.
The joy of effortless creation knows no boundaries.
It flows, makes way, branches out, cleanses and polishes.
Like a liquid, it spreads out,
Taking the form of each thought, each spark of unadulterated art,
Settling and unsettling.

That is the kind of freedom your soul needs.
To be left to wander deep within,
To find that passion that makes you an instrument of creation.
To add some life to it.
Place that limpid soul in squares or circles,
Weave into the geometry like a leaf into a plant’s shoot.

Search for that travelling light which takes you beyond dimensions.
Exist beyond here and be one with all that is in you,
All that surrounds you.
It is a sort of serenity beyond all egos and needs,
A Collective Consciousness.
Liquid Soul Dimensions.

Our Team

A certain spark, a dash of stardust. The art and the artist was made with these bits. Every journey begins here, the liquid flows and soul shines in these dimensions.

Ashwin Koushan

Four awards in photography, and yet his brightest smiles were found in the mountains. The heart of Liquid Soul Dimensions, he likes to be called a storyteller. He believes art should transcend the distance between people. Head in the clouds, down to earth, and a great eye for detail, Ashwin couldn’t be brought down to fewer adjectives.

Mahima T.P
Media Manager

Mahima’s media management skills are not just limited to her vast experience with media firms in India and Europe. She handles projects and is also in charge of business development. Her conversational skills, quick wit and sweet style is definitely going to make your experience with Liquid Soul Dimensions unforgettable. Film-making and social working keeps her busy when we don’t!

Gilbert Xavier
Design Consultant

Gilbert has two words to decribe him - Design Guru. A term called transcedent is used for the supreme , we desribe him as a transcedent designer whose talent is the greatest of all.